We have two main studios operating under the banner of MU Studios. Choose between the Amek/Neve room and the Trident room. See each room for full equipment lists.

MU Trident Room
Trident Trimix 18 channel analog console

Tannoy Cheviot dual concentric monitors

AKG Auratones

Metric Halo ULN-8 Converter

SPL Madison MADI Converter

Phoenix DRS-1 Mic Pre

DBX 900 Rack with 2x gate, 2x deesser,

2 x comp, 4 x noise reduction.

DBX 160

Sansamp PSA1

Lexicon PCM70

Lexicon MPX

Motu Midi Express

Drawmer 1968 Stereo Valve Compressor

2 x Empirical Labs Distressors

1 x Purple audio mc77

SSL G Series Bus Comp

Valley People Dynamite stereo comp/lim

2 x Dolby c 361 noise red/ treble boost

12 core Mac Pro with Large selection of plugins & Logic Audio

Telefunken M15a 2 track tape recorder

MU Amek/Neve Room
Amek Recall 56 Channel Analog Console with 24 Neve Inputs, 32 Langley Inputs.

Boxer 4, 3-way Active monitors

Mitchell & Todd Excel 3 Monitors

Yamaha NS10 Monitors

SSL & Euphonix MADI Converters (24 Ch AD, 48 Ch DA)

TC Electronic M500, M300 Multi Effects

Sony R7 & V55M Reverbs

Lexicon PCM 60 & PCM 70

Roland RE301 Space Echo

Yamaha Rev 5, Rev 7, SPX 90, 900

Alesis Quadraverb

TC Helicon Harmoniser

Eventide H3000SE Harmoniser

Zoom Studio 1201 Effects

Dynacord DRP16 Reverb

Roland SDE330 Space Delay

Drawmer DS201 & DS404 Noise gates

Drawmer DL221 Compressor

2 x Urei LA4 Compressors

DBX 160 Compressors

Sony L200 Compressor/Expander

ADL C1500 Stereo Valve Compressor

DBX 900 Series Rack with Comps, Gates, De-Esser

Mindprint DTC EQ Tube Compressor

TLA Valve Compressors

TLA Fat 1 and Valve Front ends

DBX 100 & 120 Sub Harmonic synthesisers

DBX 118 & 300 Dynamic range enhancers

Altec 1712A Compressor

TC Electronic Powercore 6000


Klark Teknik Parametric & Graphic EQ

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We chose Mu studios & Martin Smith for our launch CD & have not looked back since. We knew he had a solid background in the music industry & was well respected, we were not disappointed. Our studio experience was brilliant from start to finish, his guidance & knowledge helped us finish the CD in record time. When the mixed & mastered copy was finished we were blown away by the quality & depth of sound, so it seems was everyone else. Within a week we had been picked up by 5 radio stations & had 2 Sheffield 02Academy gigs & 2 festivals. Even after recording he has advised & supported us on every step of our whirlwind journey. We will not be using any other studio. Thank you So much Martin.
Stand Amongst Giants