Sound Engineering

With many years of sound engineering behind them Jon, Dave & Martin enjoy sharing their accumulated knowledge and are all actively involved in teaching. Jon and Martin have both delivered guest lectures at LIPA as well as various Universities around the UK. Dave and Jon both help teach the Live Sound Module in the FDA Live Events Production course at Backstage Academy.

Writing and Producing

Sam Genders’ Songwriting Courses explore the techniques of creating songs in a friendly and supportive environment. Including group & personal one-on-one mentoring sessions the courses aim to help expand the range of original ideas participants can bring to their writing. Sam shares his personal approach to songwriting & co-writing with other artists, as well as providing ideas on how to get work into the public domain.

Martin Smith runs workshops & seminars through Music for Media Training giving expert advice on how theĀ  music industry works in relation to adverts & television. Topics covered include composing to a brief, how music to picture is scored, some of the techniques and equipment used and how to get commissions.

Online Learning

Many of those within The Laundry Rooms are actively involved with the Soulsound online training resource which provides advice on working in the industry, as well as detailed tutorials on specific aspects of live & studio engineering. Jon talks about the importance of tea, Martin Smith discusses producing music for broadcast and Steve Nicholls discusses his love of analog keyboards and the mysteries of control voltage amongst many other fascinating & informative video tutorials.

Music Lessons